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Những câu chuyện về sự lạ của cha Trương Bửu Diệp

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:18 am    Post subject: Những câu chuyện về sự lạ của cha Trương Bửu Diệp Reply with quote

Những mẩu chuyện lạ( linh thiêng) của cha Trương Bửu Diệp.
sưu tầm by Rev. Philip

Father Francisco Truong Buu Diep

Rose Hinanon prayed to Fr. Francisco at Ca Mau, Vietnam
Devotees spread the word on miracles attributed to martyred Vietnamese priest, praying for his eventual sainthood
by Ashley Silverio, Assistant Editor, San Diego Asian Journal
The store shelves of Hong Kong Boutique are replete with images of prosperity and spiritual significance: Jesus Christ, Buddha, El Santo Ni�o, and the lucky cat. But tucked among these recognizable figures is the small portrait of an Asian priest, with a gentle, steady look. He is Father Francisco Truong Buu Diep, a Vietnamese Catholic martyr of growing renown.
Murdered with seventy members of his parish during wartime, Father Francisco is not yet a saint. Still, many speak of his miracles, including Rose and Ben Hinahon, the owners of Hong Kong Boutique. The Hinahons want to share their personal testimonials about how Father Francisco has touched their lives. Free information cards about the life and miracles of Father Francisco are now available at Hong Kong Boutique, next to Seafood City in National City.
Father Francois Xavier Truong Buu Diep was born on January 1, 1897 in Vietnam. His mother died when he was still a child and he traveled with his father to Cambodia. As a young adult, he entered the seminary and then established parishes throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. In 1945, war broke out in Vietnam and he was advised by a superior to leave his parish for a safer location. Father Francisco refused, saying, �I will live with the flock and if necessary, I will die with them.� The following year on March 12th, Father Francisco and seventy of his parishioners were captured and killed.
Ten years ago
Ben and Rose Hinahon first went to Father Francisco�s shrine ten years ago in Ca Mau, located on the southern tip of Vietnam. Ben is from Olongapo City in the Philippines while his wife, Rose is from Vietnam. The couple met and fell in love in Vietnam when Rose was in her early twenties. Ben was a contract worker there at that time. After they got married, they settled in Olongapo City where they raised their four daughters. Rose speaks fluent Tagalog and is often mistaken for a Filipina. In fact, she has spent more time in the Philippines than in her native Vietnam. They later migrated to San Diego, California and put up their Hong Kong Boutique business.
Traveling by car and by boat for hours, the couple was surprised when they first arrived at the shrine. Father Francisco�s remains were housed in an old, two story building with a non-descript fa�ade, befitting an office building rather than a holy place. There were no restrooms. Still, thousands of pilgrims came from all over Vietnam, after hearing of the miraculous healing of fellow visitors.
Rose prayed to Father Francisco at Ca Mau. Moved by the humble surroundings, she promised to return and help restore his final resting place. In return, she asked for guidance and miracles.
Ten years later
Ten years passed. Ben and Rose dedicated long hours to their business in National City. Their family grew through weddings and births. But then, difficult times set in. Preoccupied about the future, Rose prayed to Father Francisco at the altar dedicated to him in her home. She reiterated her promise to return to Vietnam and asked him to show her how to overcome her troubles.
At one point, she was at a dead end. She was encountering several problems that she could think of no other solution except pray hard to Father Francisco to intercede in her behalf for God�s help. Like a miracle, her problems were solved. She also heard of the other miracles attributed to Fr. Francisco by other people. She vowed to dedicate part of her time and effort in encouraging people to pray for Father Francisco�s intercession in their petition to God. And if Father Francisco has perfomed a miracle on their life, she would like them to vouch for them, so that he would eventually be proclaimed as a saint.
One day, an older Filipino woman entered Rose�s store. Rose offered her an information card about Father Francisco in her quest to tell more people about his good deeds. Without prompting, the woman produced an identical information card out of her bag and said that her daughter, Francis Rivera Burga, had also visited Ca Mau.
Francis is a Filipina born in the Philippines. At the age of seven, her family moved with her United States Navy father who was assigned to different military installations around the world. They finally settled in San Diego where she got married at the age of 18, had a daughter and later divorced. She eventually became a manager in a computer company, until she put up her own computer parts manufacturing plant in San Jose, California. Since most of her workers are Vietnamese, she went to Vietnam to explore the possibility of putting up a manufacturing plant there. In the process, she got to learn about Father Francisco.
Rose and Francis got into contact. They both made a promise to tell others about Father Francisco�s miracles.
A new church dedicated to Father Francisco is now rising alongside the old facility in Ca Mau.
According to believers, Father Francisco has already performed two posthumous miracles. His remains were lost until he appeared in a vision and disclosed the location. During the construction of the new shrine, a local company delivered materials to the building site unexpectedly. The shrine officials did not know who paid for it. The company representative pointed to a picture of Father Francisco and said that he had paid. Many also claim to have been healed after praying to him and visiting his shrine.
In the back office of Hong Kong Boutique where long hours are spent running the business, there is a large image of the martyred priest. The Hinahons set aside this corner for Father Francisco after he touched their lives with miracles. As they pass, barefoot, into the office, he looks over them. - AJ

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